A community of Multicultural Women in Australia 

Welcome to Key Into Australia

We are a network of multicultural women living in Australia. We are a supportive and inclusive community that helps each other meet people, find work and navigate the ups and downs of settling in a new place.

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What Members Have Said

"I joined Key Into Australia shortly after I moved to Australia. It helped me so much to meet my first friend here and I'm thankful for that. I felt welcomed to a diverse group of girls and given a chance to speak up and listen to everyone's story."
Shilpa, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia
"When you arrive to a new country, it is very important to find new friends, people with whom you can relate, hangout, share learn and be social! That's what I found in this group!"
Lee, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia
"Key Into Australia were truly committed to make a friendly experience to Sydney newcomers, as well as to women who have been living here for a while and are not feeling at home yet. They organise friendly atmosphere events, where everyone has an opportunity to engage with the group, even if the person is shy initially."
Nadia, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia
"It has been very helpful for me to meet a Mentor via Key Into Australia. Our weekly mobile conversation has enabled me to express my thoughts and feelings to someone who I felt cared about me. She took time and effort to actually be involved in what I was going through. Knowing that someone out there listened and cared for me meant so much and I 100% believe contributed massively to my gradual recovery. I feel that I am on my way to being myself again and thanks for your phone call program for that."
Maria, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia

Why Join Our Network?

Personal Development

Meet like-minded women who are going through the same experiences, or have already come out the other side. Swap stories, get advice, ask questions – or just forget everything and have fun with some new friends.

Build Your Network in Australia

A diverse network takes time to develop on your own. By joining our community, you can plug into an existing network of trusted connections, and benefit from the wide range of backgrounds, experiences and knowledge within our group.

Become Part of A Community

We encourage our members to share their skills and give back, both within our community of women and the broader Australian community. Contributing to our environment fosters a sense of belonging, as well as pride in the value that we bring.

Professional Support

We offer events, workshops and an online support group to assist you in your job search. We have relationships with a number of organizations, which we use to connect our members to the right opportunities and contacts.

Skill Share

We have started a new initiative called ” Skill share” in response to Covid-19. We have moved online and now offer our meetups via zoom.

These online events are a fantastic way to connect and collaborate with others, learn skills and discover new things. Our events are free and are conducted by our talented community members, who generously share their gifts to support one another.

Have a Skill You Want To Share?

We’re always looking for community members interested in sharing their skills with others. Whether it’s a virtual yoga session, an art workshop, or maybe even web designing! Whatever your skill set, we’d love for you to share your creative talent with all of us. Just fill in the form!