how to find a job in sydney from overseas

Settling in Australia is exciting, but it can be daunting too with so many things to do! To help you settle,
we have put together a list of resources from official sources. Besides the nitty-gritty of relocation, you
will need friends and a supportive network and we are here for that. Enjoy the planning of your dream
life in Australia!

Living in Australia

Official government guide "Beginning a life in Australia"

The Australian Government has created this guide which covers everything you need to know about life here, ranging from language, education and training, employment, medical system, transport, housing, law, money, etc . It is available in many languages here

Checklist - My life in Australia

With so many things to do when you have just arrived, we have prepared a simple, yet
exhaustive, checklist to make sure your don’t forget anything important!

How do the Health system works in Australia?

When you arrive, try to find a family doctor ( General Practitioner) who can refer you to specialists if required. There is an excellent public service called Healthdirect which you can call for free for health advice with a registered nurse on the phone. Health direct can also help you to find a health practitioner near you.

What are my employment rights?

To learn about your Employment rights or get free information and advice on the phone, contact the FairWork Ombudsman.

What do I do if I have a problem with my real estate agency?

Regarding any tenancy issue, you can get free information and advice on the phone from the FairWork Ombudsman.

How do I improve my English?

If you are an adult migrant or humanitarian entrant with a permanent visa or eligible temporary visa and speak little or no English, you may be eligible for 500 hours+ or free English classes under the government program called AMEP. Many Churches and libraries also offer English conversation classes.

Can I drive in Australia?

You can drive for the first three months after arrival, if you are a permanent resident and have a current driver’s licence from another country in English or translated in English. But after, you have to register with the state authority. See below the link for NSW.

Am I eligible for Centrelink payment?

To know whether you are eligible for social welfare payments from the Australian government check out the link below.

How do I register for my Tax File Number?

To work in Australia, you have to register for a Tax File Number, which is your unique identification number. It is simple and free to do it on the Australian Tax Office website.

How do I do my Tax Return?

Something we love about Australia is that Tax time often means you can get money back instead if you are eligible to claim for deductions. This is called Tax return and this reading can literally be worth a couple of thousand dollars for you.

What is Culture Shock ?

This is the original article that defined the concept of culture shock for the first time. It explains simply the four emotional stages you might expect to go through when you move to a new country : honeymoon, regression, adjustment and recovery.

How to cope with uncertainty?

So much is outside of your control when you settle in a new country that it can be stressful and you need to be prepared to cope with these feelings. We have put together 7 ideas you can try about dealing with uncertainty.

Where is the closest library?

Public libraries are a great place to improve your English, take part in workshops and have access to PC and printer. For free, you can borrow book, DVDS, and sometimes toys. The link below will help you locate the closest library to you (in NSW)

Do You Have a Question?

If one of your question remains unanswered about settling in Australia, please contact us. We will probably be able to help you!