Stitch & Scone with Vivian, Yooko and Dorianne

Knitting is believed to have originated in Egypt, and later spread to Europe via wool traders, then on to the Americas with colonisation.  Scones were first made in Scotland or The Netherlands, depending on who you believe.  Today’s group of nine women also came from various parts of the world, and through Key Into Australia we united at The Tea Cozy in The Rocks, Sydney.

Seated in a private room decorated with antique furniture, vintage pictures, lamps and tea cozies galore, it was the perfect setting for learning a traditional skill.  The beautiful thing about themed KIA events is that you don’t have to be an expert to participate and have a good time.  For example one of our organisers had taken a crash course in knitting only days ago but you wouldn’t know that she was in fact a novice too.  And of course we already knew how to eat delicious High Tea!

Initial lively catchup chat soon quietened down to serious concentration as we took up our needles and wool and learnt how to create a slip-knot and then Cast On.  The aim wasn’t necessarily to create anything in particular, but to simply learn the art of knitting, enjoy the lovely food, and of course get to know each other and make those all important connections with like minded women.

Knitting encourages creativity and can be a relaxing and meditative experience for some.  It’s an opportunity for self care if you are making something for yourself, or a great personalised present if you are knitting for someone else.  After the NSW bushfires of 2020 many people knitted mittens for koalas and other native wildlife in care that has suffered severe burns to their paws.

From finger knitting tails to blanket squares to plain, purl, and everything in between, it was all too soon before Vivian and Yokoo were teaching us how to Cast Off and end the session.  

Today was the first knitting event for Key Into Australia, and due to high demand there will be more!  Could this be the start of a new project for you?  Keep an eye on our Events page on the Key Into Australia website, and join the Sydney Women Meetup – Key Into Australia Group if you don’t want to miss out. 

Written by Penelope Smith
Key Into Australia, 24 April 2021

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