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About Key Into Australia

Key into Australia was founded by two women, Maïa and Novela, who now call Sydney home. Yet, it took them time to make friends, find suitable work and integrate into the Australian culture. 

Their settling experience was a bit lonely, oddly enough, as they were going through the same thing in parallel, living only few streets away from each other. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women in Australia face the challenges of settlement by themselves. 

What if we would come together and support each other instead? 

This is the seed idea of Key Into Australia; the belief it is easier and much more fun to feel at home collectively, by pooling talents, efforts and connections.

Founded in 2019 as an incorporated not-for-profit association, Key Into Australia is now a welcoming and supportive community of amazing diverse women. Key Into Australia connects women and give them the opportunity to let their light shine.

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What Members Have Said

" I joined Key Into Australia had shortly after I moved to Australia. It helped me so much to meet my first friend here and I'm thankful for that. I felt welcomed to a diverse group of girls and given a chance to speak up, even if shy, and listen to everyone's story."
Shilpa, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia
" I have been living here for four years, but I was still looking for friends. I don't know how to make friends. Key Into Australia's Friendship Cafe are designed to make friendship happen. With the games, the questions, and taking turns, I got to talk to amazing women, including one living near me. So we stayed in touch and now I've a new friend. "
Lee, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia
"I have been struggling to find a job here. I used to be a successful manager in my country and not working really made me feel like a different person, a less worthy one. I joined Key Into Australia's Job Support group and understood what I could do to improve my applications, but more importantly, I met people working in the same industry as me. I have started the Mentoring program and my mentor is a great match. I feel much more confident now. "
Paola, Key Into Australia Member
Sydney, Australia
"My weekly mobile conversation with my Key Into Australia's mentor has enabled me to express my thoughts and feelings to someone who I felt cared about me. She took time and effort to actually be involved in what I was going through. Knowing that someone out there listened and cared for me meant so much and I 100% believe contributed massively to my gradual recovery. I feel that I am on my way to being myself again "
Maria, Key Into Australia Member & Mentee
Sydney, Australia